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Frequently Asked Questions


What is involved in playing lesson? Also, where are they offered and how many holes?
My long game is pretty consistent, but I waste too many shots from 100 yards in. What do you have available for short game improvement?
I'm thinking of purchasing new clubs. Should I take lessons first and then get fit for clubs?
I am recovering from recent rotator cuff surgery in my left shoulder. What adjustments would you suggest I make with my swing to minimize any future injuries?
I'm by no means a 'PGA Tour Player', but am a pretty respectable player with a 4 handicap. How will computer swing analysis and comparisons to PGA Tour Players help my game?
What makes your specialty workshops different from those offered at other golf schools?
I'm a 25 handicap who has been playing golf for 30 years. Is video swing analysis right for me?
I notice that C.W.G.A. Golf Shop offers custom fit clubs from most major brands. Are most clubs in stock or do they have to be special ordered?
I've never played golf before, but would like to learn. How would you recommend I get started?
I have a six year old son who loves golf! Is he too young for one of your junior camps? Also, if I wanted to get him private lessons, what would that cost?