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Get Golf Ready I – Learning To Swing!

An entry level class designed to introduce new players to the game of golf. During the 4 week course, students will learn the basics of a sound golf swing including: grip, set up and swing plane. Students will be able to hit full shots on the range and practice on their own with confidence!

Get Golf Ready I – Learning to Swing!

  • Session #1:  Grip, Set Up and Mini-Swing
  • Session #2:  Full Swing Mechanics
  • Session #3:  Mastering Irons and Wedges
  • Session #4:  Driver, Fairway and Hybrids

With each Get Golf Ready Program you will receive:

  • 4 hours of instruction
  • 4 free range baskets for additional practice
  • Discount on Private Instruction
  • Discount on Custom Club Fitting
  • Pro Shop Discounts including full club sets with bag, gloves, balls, hats, shoes and clothing

Monday 7:00 pm:   3/4,  4/1,  5/6,  6/3,  7/1,  8/5,  9/9,  10/7
Saturday 10:00 am:  3/2,  4/6,  5/4,  6/1,  7/6,  8/3,  9/7,  10/5

Cost: $99/person for 4 weekly One Hour Sessions

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For future information or questions, please contact Chuck Will, PGA Director of Instruction, at 703.932.0537 or email chuckwill@PGA.com.